#SANDRABLANDSLIFEMATTERED HERE’S MY TAKE ON THIS AS IT REEKS OF A COVER UP: 1) the so called booking picture shows her already in a prison issued orange jump suit instead of the clothing she wore when she was first placed in custody (unheard of). 2) She was ready to fight the charges and as an advocate for ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ would no doubt had made this a cause because of her strong convictions. 3) the booking photo appears to show her lying down as if someone stood over her and took the picture indicating she was more than likely already deceased. aS WELL, it appears her hair was lying back as if she were in a lying position 4) The look in her eyes is one of: I’m not going to let them see me cry (anger) as if she may have been sexually abused—-the look is one of female victims of sex assault while it is happening and may have been her last breath while being choked to death. 4) Typical victimizing of the victim to plant in cop lovers minds that she was a criminal and deserved her treatment—–5) There is no proof she was depressed nor was ever treated for depression. 6) The psychosocial they take when booking you is a contradiction to other paperwork they process on her. 7) The arresting officer is a known racist/abuser within the law enforcement agency as was removed from a previous department because of his abuse/racism 8) Her shoulders also are indicative of someone laying down as they are higher up than in a normal standing position in which shoulders normally drop down or relax to the point of drooping if you will ——IN MY OPINION SHE WAS INDEED MYRDERED AND THE FBI/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT WILL SWEEP THIS UNDER THE CARPETS AS COMPLETE COVER-UP JUST AS THEY DID WITH THE MICAHEL BROWN SHOOTIN—-THEY’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

Sandra bland before contact with police

Sandra bland before contact with police

Sandra Bland dead after contact with police

Sandra Bland dead after contact with police


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